Ad-free internet - a new reality with Troywell's ad blocker

Available for browsers:


Block intrusive ad integrations from YouTube, Facebook, Twitch

Free download and use

Optimised CPU
and RAM load

Tracking protection: prohibiting the collection of personal information and history

Protecting cryptocurrency

Setting up acceptable

Setting up
site-specific blocking

10 interface languages
to choose from


Increase speed up!

Speed up page loading. Block intrusive pop-up banners, windows, videos that overload the processor and RAM.

Ensure confidentiality and security

Troywell’s ad blocker will ensure a safe connection and help protect against tracking and malware. By filtering links that lead to third-party sites, the risk of your system becoming infected with viruses is reduced. Blocking activity tracking will help hide online activity.

Control allowable advertising

Not all advertising on the web is bad. Allow ads on your favourite sites if you want to support their funding or keep up to date with what’s new.

Or remove all ads so you don’t get distracted by them.

Block ads in all browsers !

An extension from Troywell will get rid of adverts in the


Microsoft Edge